Do Natural Breast Enhancements Work?

First of all don't listen to anyone who says that increasing the size of your breasts is not possible because it is. You can't necessarily go from an A cup to a D cup but it is possible to gain firmness, perkiness, fullness and up to 1 to 2 cup sizes. It is not important or even that great to have massive breasts because they tend to be too heavy making proper posture very uncomfortable and they tend to be extremely saggy. It is important however to have healthy breasts that you can tell have the right nutrition and care. 
I will explain to you how this is accomplished. Do not think, however, that this is a miracle formula that will get you the breasts you desire overnight. It takes patience and desire to grow beautiful breasts but just never forget that it is possible. 

1.Food, Nutrition and Water! 

This is the number one thing that will help get your body get healthy and prepared for growing. An abundance of vitamins and minerals are necessary and come from eating healthy things such as; fruits and vegetables, milk, tofu, soybeans (natto), soy protein shakes, other foods with good fats, ext. You really just want a more healthy and vitamin packed diet. 
Also drink plenty and I mean plenty of water to avoid drying out from things like pop and caffeine. At least 6 cups or more a day. 
Along with water it is also a good idea to begin drinking 1 to 2 cups of herbal tea a day or week, which ever you prefer, to begin stimulating your breast glands and getting them ready to receive the fat, water and vitamins you are going to fill them with. 
For an herbal tea choose a mix of or just one of; fennel, fenugreek, saw palmetto, kelp, mothers wort, dandelion and many other herbs to stimulate your breasts and make them fuller. 
I also suggest you continue your own research into foods and herbs that will aid in your growth. 

2. State of Mind 

Once you begin eating healthier and drinking water and herbal tea you need to put yourself in a positive state of mind in which you feel confident and sexy about yourself and what you are doing. However you choose to enter this state of mind through positive affirmation, masturbation, sex, wearing sexier clothing ext. The point is to focus your mind on this goal. Imagine your breasts growing, feel them, know they are getting larger and healthier everyday you focus on them positively. Mind power is truly the source of all we want and if you can put yourself in a proper state of mind you can attain all you desire. 
I would also suggest further research into this if you are not sure on how to get started. 

3. Exercises 

It is also very important to just exercise your all around chest muscles. There are numerous things you can do and I would suggests at least 10 to 20 min a day working on making these breast and pectoral muscles stronger. 
Also breast massage is a must for at least 5 min everyday when you get up or before you go to bed to stimulate the breast tissues making them more reactive. 
Having a boyfriend play with and suck on them is also great and sexy simulation for both of you. 

4. Pills? 

They are always an option to aid in simulation and growth. I would suggest only a brand with natural ingredients though such as firmestra or femax. Birth control and estrogen pills also aid. 
Regular vitamin E or Wild Yam creams also work good for adding softness and suppleness to breasts if applied at least once a week. 

This general program will make any women's breasts better, larger and healthier. I would say best results are achieved with younger women under the age of about 25 roughly because they are more active with growth and have not been finished puberty for that long. But this does achieve results in any women just not to its fullest extent if you are older. 
I would say you have to stick to it for at least a year or more to see any great results from it but it is always good for your body to continue eating healthy anyway. 

I have personally gone up 1 cup size in the last year and will continue until I have grown 1 more. My breast are generally larger, bouncy, and more symmetrical and even. It has really changed entirely how my breasts used to look and they are now full and healthy. 

So just be smart and do your research. Begin eating better feeding your breast the proper food and nutrition and you will see a difference. Mentally prepare yourself for a sexier, curvier body and have a positive outlook and thought about the process even if it doesn't work right away. Everyones body is different and reacts different. Drink lots of water and tea using the herb stimulation to make the fat and vitamins you eat go straight to your breasts. And don't forget to do your exercises to ensure perkiness and firmness. You can also try some of the other things mentioned above such as the pills and creams for added and quicker results and effect
I really hoped this helped you and every girl out there who wants larger bouncier,

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